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    RACS Senior Solicitor, Isobel McGarity.

    Donating to legal services is life-changing.

    At RACS, our main objective is to ensure that people seeking asylum have access to critical legal support. We are able to achieve this because of our extraordinary and dedicated legal team.

    Senior Solicitor, Isobel McGarity started at RACS in 2013 as a volunteer. Since then, she has been helping people to navigate the complex and very daunting process of seeking protection in Australia.

    Here she shares her story of providing legal support to Zaki Haidari, an extraordinary young man who came to Australia from Afghanistan seeking protection. RACS is proud to have Zaki as our Inaugural Ambassador.

    Donating to legal services is life-changing.


    Zaki was such a fantastic person to work with. He, like many of the people that we assist at RACS is the embodiment of resilience. Despite the immense difficulties he has faced in Afghanistan and also in Australia in such a hostile policy environment, he approaches everything with warmth, empathy and a smile.

    I remember Zaki’s interview at the Department as if it were yesterday, and I felt such relief when he was granted his visa. The heartbreaking thing is that for every case that is accepted like Zaki’s, there is another case where a person is also deserving and that person may not be granted a visa.

    Throughout his time in Australia, Zaki has been such a role model and has been so supportive of other people seeking safety. He has referred people to RACS when they need legal help and assisted others with English. 

    Zaki is an inspiring young person, and is such an asset to Australia. The fact that he does not have a clear pathway to permanent residency here is tragic and I know that any policy maker that spent 5 minutes with him would see that as well. I’m excited to see where his future takes him, and I just hope that his future contains the certainty and safety that he deserves.”


    Thousands of people just like Zaki need your help.

    Donating to legal services is life-changing.

    People seeking asylum can’t do this alone.
    Your generous donation will help men, women and children apply for protection in Australia.

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