At RACS, we are reflecting on the thousands of people who have been forced to flee for their lives, many of whom are now separated from their loved ones and face significant challenges, alone.

When Saba* and her family arrived in Australia they had to start the overwhelmingly complex legal process of applying for Australia’s protection. As you can see from the video at the top of this article, their search for freedom was prolonged and fraught until finally they were able to prove they were in need of protection and recognised as refugees.

Saba had a long and very difficult road to safety. Her application was rejected twice before both her and her daughter were finally recognised as refugees.

 “I ran into the living room and I hugged [my daughter].

She said ‘what’s wrong Mum?’ and I just cried” 

However, Saba’s husband had not received a visa, along with Saba and her daughter. He was refused again and again. The family was devastated. With the support of RACS and RACS pro bono partners, Saba’s husband made one final attempt at an appeal. Thankfully, he was granted a 5 year visa and the family were overjoyed to be staying together in safety.

“I got my husband. My daughters got their father. I didn’t just get a visa.
I got my family.”

Without the dedicated, unwavering support, over almost seven years, from RACS and RACS pro bono legal partners, this might not have been a story with a happy ending.

There are so many stories like Saba’s that we could share with you, from people who walk through our doors every day, who need our help, who need your help.

Let’s reach out with kindness and compassion to those who may not be with their families and who need our support.

RACS is the only legal centre in NSW providing dedicated legal support, at no cost, to thousands of people each year seeking asylum.  With no federal government funding this crucial humanitarian work can only continue with donations from our community.

Access to legal services can, quite literally, change a person’s life.