ABC News, Bridget Brennan, August 26, 2015

RACS’ Executive Director Tanya Jackson-Vaughan spoke about TPVs ‪on ABC Radio Current Affairs PM program
BRIDGET BRENNAN: Originally introduced by the Howard government in 1999, TPVs were re-introduced under the Abbott Government in April. Lawyers are worried that asylum seekers applying for the visas are struggling to get to get help they need with the lengthy applications. That’s because centres like Sydney’s Refugee Advice and Casework Service are stretched to the limit and lost federal funding. The centre’s executive director is Tanya Jackson-Vaughan.
TANYA JACKSON-VAUGHAN: Well there’s 9,000 people in New South Wales who will be having to apply for protection. We have 1,000 people on our waiting lists and we’ve seen 300 people so far and we’ve helped them with statements. So there’s three hours of writing down what happened to you in your country and then there is an 80 page form in English that is not provided in their own language that needs to be filled in and you need to list everywhere you’ve ever lived and everywhere you’ve ever travelled and every single member of your family and their ages. All in English.
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