RACS is considered a leader in the field of education on refugee law. As processes and policies keep changing legal education is the key to keeping people informed on current issues as well as trying to “change the conversation” so that people better understand the human rights of asylum seekers.

RACS provides a diverse array of information and training sessions to various groups in the community including lawyers, migration agents, clients, community workers, students, and the general public in a wide variety of forums. The purpose of these activities is to increase community awareness of refugee and asylum seeker issues and the services that RACS provides. Through these educational activities, RACS seeks to facilitate more effective participation in Australia’s refugee processes.

We also regularly hold Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions  on changes to refugee law attended by migration agents, top tier legal firms, as well as Legal Aid and other Community Legal Centres in order to assist in their work with asylum seekers and increase the capacity of others in this sector.

RACS is often invited to provide community information and legal education sessions to the Red Cross, TAFE, Migrant Resource Centres, STARTTS, and various other asylum seeker agencies and advocacy groups so that they can better assist and understand the legal needs of their clients.

Through our casework, community and sector engagement RACS has developed a strong appreciation of the need for Community Legal Education (CLE) in the protection and promotion of human rights in Australia, and particularly in the asylum seeker and refugee sector and community. As a result, RACS has further developed its CLE and training delivery.

We are also in the process of broadening the delivery of our community education to the schools sector.

Please contact our Principal Solicitor directly at events@racs.org.au to obtain details on upcoming education and training events hosted by RACS. Otherwise click on the underlined link if you would like RACS to present a Community Information Session.