We are honoured to introduce you to RACS Ambassador, Zaki Haidari, an extraordinary young man who came to Australia from Afghanistan to seek asylum.

Dear friends,

“My name is Zaki and I am a refugee living in Australia. In 2011 when I was 17, I had to leave my mother and younger siblings behind in Afghanistan – I had no choice.  

Leaving was the only way to escape from the Taliban who kidnapped my father, accusing him of working with the international forces. As the surviving eldest son, my life was seen as the price my family had to pay for the charges of my father.

After a terrifying journey making my way alone through several countries, I ended up in a detention centre on Christmas Island.

What happened next I now realise, was that I dodged one of the biggest bullets of my life – Nauru and Manus Island were at full capacity so I was allowed to live in the community in Sydney.

The most life-changing moment came when RACS gave me access to free legal support to help me apply for asylum.

I will never forget the moment I heard I was granted a 5 year Temporary Protection Visa. My lawyer, Isobel and I burst into tears.

It was a big thing in my life to know I could stay in Australia for the next five years.It was such a difficult process that I don’t know how I would have done it without RACS’s help. 

Please donate to RACS so that other people without financial means can get help from a lawyer to live in safety. It saved my life”. 


Thousands of people just like Zaki need your help.  

We, at RACS, are determined to provide support to as many refugees as we can. We are encouraged and grateful to you, our community, for recognising that without legal support their chances of getting a visa is diminished.

Funding legal services for refugees is life-changing.


Please donate today.



Thank you,


Tanya Jackson-Vaughan, Executive Director, RACS

Read Zaki’s full Story here



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