With the support of people like you, we are giving a stronger voice to people seeking asylum. Together we will continue to defend the basic human right to seek asylum.

While the applications are in, the legal battle is far from over.

RACS now has only 12 months to provide representation assistance to thousands of people as the Department aims to complete all interviews by October 2018.

It’s very complex legal work. Representing these people at the Department, writing up their submissions and assisting them with the Immigration Assessment Authority review. Can you imagine doing this without a professional? Being grilled in an interview for four hours with no one to help you? This is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying parts of the process for people seeking asylum.

RACS is the only free legal service providing legal assistance to these people in NSW at its Legal Help for Refugees Clinic and the organisation is calling for donations and volunteers to help the continue defending the basic human right to seek asylum.

To provide ongoing representation before Departmental decision makers and at review, RACS needs to raise additional funds. It costs $780 to fund the 20 hours of work required to support one person through these refugee assessment stages.

This support is life changing. People’s fates can be decided in the space of a 4 hour interview. Representation by a lawyer gives people who fled terror a chance at a safe life.

The best way to support RACS is through becoming a regular giver. Stable and secure income provides the certainty we need to take on more cases, and know that we can be there with our clients all the way.