Sponsor a RACS client by giving every month

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watched them without doing anything”
 Albert Einstein, German refugee.

The best way to support a person seeking asylum is by providing life-saving legal assistance to support their application for protection.
Without it they risk being sent back to the country from which they fled.

The best way to support a RACS client is by becoming a regular monthly giver. 

By sponsoring a person or a whole family seeking asylum every month, you are helping to improve their chances of finding safety here in Australia. When you donate monthly to RACS, you allow us to take on more cases and help more vulnerable people. You help provide a stable and secure income that enables us to dedicate the time and resources that every person seeking asylum deserves.


When you donate to RACS you will be added to the RACS list for occasional email updates about where your donation is going and the work that RACS is doing. If you wish to be taken off this list, please email fundraising@racs.org.au with the subject line ‘Unsubscribe’. 

Questions about my donation

Where does my donation go?

Will I receive a receipt?

One-off gifts: will be sent a receipt immediately.

Monthly gifts: One taxation receipt (containing details of each monthly donation for the year) will be sent in July each year.

When will my donation be processed?

One-off gifts: will be deducted immediately. Please allow a few days for it to show up your credit card statement due to bank processing delays.

Monthly gifts: The first gift will be deducted immediately and subsequent gifts will be deducted on the same day each month or the next business day.
Credit card donations may be debited a few days after that date each month due to bank processing delays.”

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yep! RACS is a registered charity so all donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible. You will receive your tax receipt in July each year with details of all your donations.