Simon Bruck – Senior Solicitor, RACS

“This week we received fantastic news on behalf of one of our Rohingya families.

After almost two years, Hamid*, his wife and two young children were finally granted visas. It was a very special moment to be a part of the legal team that shared this incredible news with them. Just a few weeks ago Hamid was in tears due to the uncertainty of his family’s safety. Now he is crying with joy.” Simon Bruck.

“Thank you. You have given my family hope”. Hamid.

In August 2017, Hamid’s family and thousands of other Rohingya people had to flee from brutality in Myanmar. Their houses were burned. Relatives and friends were killed. They had to escape because they had no choice.

RACS is there for people seeking asylum at every stage of their journey to safety.

A visa is the beginning of a safe life. With your help, the hope of a safety can become a reality for people like Hamid and his family.

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Thousands of people just like Hamid need our help.

RACS is a community of people who stand up for the right for people to seek asylum. This year has tested our strength with many challenges.

Thank you for being there with us.

Funding legal services for refugees is life-changing.

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